Why Physiotherapy?

Owners often notice subtle differences in performance and/or behaviour long before there is obvious unsoundness. This is the time to contact your physiotherapist. The sooner areas of soreness and damage are identified and treated the sooner your animal can return to peak fitness.

Animal physiotherapy is a complementary therapy carried out under veterinary referral by a qualified therapist. Your therapist will have undergone intensive training and will be certified, insured and registered with a governing body.

Is your horse...
• Recovering from injury or surgery?
• Bad to mount, tack up or ‘cold backed’?
• Head shy or aggressive?
• Napping, rearing, bolting, bucking, refusing?
• ‘One sided,’ tight, restricted or just generally feeling out of sorts?

Using targeted massage and stretches,mobilisation techniques  myofascial release, acupressure, therapeutic ultrasound, electro stimulation, PEMF etc. physiotherapy  will optimise conditions for healing, prevent injury, reduce tension and soreness, alleviate lameness, improve temperament and behaviour and therefore help you produce, ride and compete a happy, healthy horse.

Physiotherapy is not just about treating injury, it will prevent injury, improve performance and behaviour, release tension, improve jumping ability, increase stride length and maximise the performance of your horse.

Targeted physiotherapy can help...

• Reduce bruising/disperse oedema
• Relieve muscle spasm/strain/tightness/soreness
• Prevent and/or treat muscular atrophy
• Treat damaged tendons and ligaments
• Treat sacroiliac pathology
• Optimise conditions for  ligament and tendon  repair
• Treat orthopaedic conditions
• Help fracture healing, both normal and non-union
• Ease arthritic pain and slow down degeneration
• Improve and maintain range of movement 
• Reduce splints
• Assist wound repair/minimise scarring and prevent  the  formation of proud flesh

....and much more!

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