Treatments and Service


• Phototherapy. (Red light and Blue Light)
• Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.
• Therapeutic Ultrasound.
• Electrostimulation.
• Manual techniques including; massage and stretches, myofascial release, acupressure, body work and sports.


Karina Hawkridge is also a certified human massage therapist as well as  a Human and Equine Kinesio Taping specialist.



What to Expect.

Assessments and treatments are best carried out in a relaxed and familiar environment, so if possible and where appropriate, the initial consultation should be conducted at the patient’s home. Animals to be treated should be clean and dry.

Tadcaster Animal Physiotherapy has excellent facilities and if a course of treatment is necessary, we offer stabling, turnout and an all weather arena.

Your physiotherapist will liaise with your vet. A full medical history will be taken and goals will be set.

An initial assessment will be conducted. Ease of movement and gait synergy will be noted. Muscle balance, health and symmetry will be assessed. 

A treatment plan will be decided upon and implemented immediately with follow up therapeutic exercises prescribed to be executed between visits, where appropriate.

The success of any physiotherapy treatment depends upon the physiotherapist, vet and owner working as a team.

A post treatment rehabilitation therapeutic exercise programme will be specifically designed for you and your animal to facilitate full recovery and optimize return to normal function.

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