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Karina Hawkridge
Dip.Human A&P.
Specialists in equine therapeutic exercise programmes.
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Tadcaster Animal Physiotherapy offers fully insured treatments for horses and companion animals. We are specialists in equine therapeutic exercise programmes.

Rehabilitation, schooling and holiday livery is available.

Bookings taken throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

All treatments and services offered by Tadcaster Equine Physiotherapy are fully insured and in accordance with The 1966 Veterinary Surgery (Exemption) Order.


Owners often notice subtle differences in performance and/or behaviour long before there is obvious unsoundness.

This is the time to contact your physiotherapist.

The sooner areas of soreness and damage are identified and treated the sooner your animal can return to peak fitness.


Phototherapy.(Red light and Blue Light)
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.
Therapeutic Ultrasound.
Electrostimulation & LASER

Kinesio taping (Equine and Human)

Manual techniques including; massage and stretches, myofascial release, acupressure, body work and sports.

Contact details. 


Phone. 07900 887527



Emma Brown, UK

Karina saw our horse Max and applied physio and heat therapy to his back. Showed us stretching exercises to do with him. He's been a different horse ever since. Highly recommended.

Florentina, UK.

Big thanks to Karina for doing such a super job treating Parelli last night, she felt amazing today! Never seen her so relaxed whilst having physio really nice to see and really shows in her performance!

Flo, UK.

Just an update for you, Ella was ridden out for the first time since coming back into work today and since you treated her, the ultrasound seems to have done her the world of good and was moving very fluently whilst out! Thanks again will see you soon for a top up session! (and a lesson).